Wood Stain

Surface preparation and Application of water based stain/sealer:

Step 1:

Sand the surface down totally to the raw wood. If it’s a new piece of wood, ensure that it has been sanded and that it is clean from dust or dirt.

If it’s an old piece of wood that has been previously treated, stained or varnished, it should be sanded down totally so as to allow for the new stain/sealer to penetrate into the wooden substrate. A sanding machine is recommended. Depending on the roughness of the surface, use a 120 grit sandpaper and remember to sand in the direction of the woodgrain. Once you have sanded the surface to the desired smoothness, use a soft cloth to wipe the dust and debris off the surface.

Step 2:

Ensure that the stain/sealer is properly mixed as slight separation may occur after production due to the product standing on the shelf. This is very important to ensure uniformity of the colour and therefore the content must be well shaken before use.

Apply 2 even thin coats using a sponge or brush applicator. Wait 30min between the first and second coat and give the surface a very light sand between the coats.

Step 3:

Clean the applicators with water.