Classic Colour Samples



Gripseal Colours-Antique-Pine Gripseal Colours-Avacado Gripseal Colours-Antique-White
Gripseal Colours-Bronze Gripseal Colours-Burgundy Gripseal Colours-Clear
Gripseal Colours-Dark-Mahogany Gripseal Colours-Dark-Walnut Gripseal Colours-Ebony
Gripseal Colours-Fir-Red Gripseal Colours-Gold Gripseal Colours-Green
Gripseal Colours-Grey Gripseal Colours-Honey-Nut Gripseal Colours-Horizon-Blue
Gripseal Colours-Imbuia Gripseal Colours-Indonesian-Teak Gripseal Colours-Lime
Gripseal Colours-Mahogany Gripseal Colours-Mistry-Blue Gripseal Colours-Mistry-Brown
Gripseal Colours-Mistry-Oregon Gripseal Colours-Navy-Blue Gripseal Colours-Wild-Cherry
Gripseal Colours-Oak-2 Gripseal Colours-Oregon Gripseal Colours-Pearl
Gripseal Colours-Protea-Brown Gripseal Colours-Purple Gripseal Colours-Pink
Gripseal Colours-Red-Berry Gripseal Colours-Rich-Meranti Gripseal Colours-Rosewood
Gripseal Colours-Russet Gripseal Colours-Rustic-Yellow Gripseal Colours-Silver
Gripseal Colours-Teak Gripseal Colours-Turquise Gripseal Colours-Wilds-Green
Gripseal Colours-Violet Gripseal Colours-White


Please Note: Every care has been taken to ensure that the colours seen here reflect the actual colours of the stain and sealant, however, variations may occur due to the type of wood used as well as the effect of the light and surface texture.