Environmental Policy


For many years wood stains/sealant have been made with petroleum products to improve performance and durability……


Many of these products are potentially hazardous and have been associated with concerns about health and air quality……


Gripseal has been striving not only to decrease its impact on the enviroment but to have a footprint that is beneficial to the environment without compromising quality and performance to ensure natural beauty for the future generations….

Environmental Policy

Gripseal Chemicals has made a commitment to provide high performance products that are environmentally friendly and that are in accordance with international environmental and VOC legislation. All our products are water based and environmentally friendly and to further show our commitment to preserving the environment, we are continually searching to find sustainably harvested ingredients/renewable sources that occur naturally to use in the manufacturing of our products.

We as an organization understand that being environmentally conscious is not only about ensuring that our products have a minimal impact on the environment but that we take our entire operation into account, from the start of the product life cycle, being our suppliers, manufacturing processes and logistics all the way to the end of the product life cycle being how the final packaging is exposed of or rather recycled and we are therefore striving to reach this standard by implementing procedures progressively and continuously.

We believe that we all have a responsibility on this earth to ensure that we use the resources provided in a sustainable manner so that we don’t get to a place where we will leave our children and grandchildren an irreparably damaged planet.