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To ensure proper adhesion to a surface, it is necessary to neutralize the effects of any remaining acid, such as cement remover, paint strippers, peroxides etc. Gripseal Neutralizer is a safe, water based product used to lower the pH level of the substrate in order to obtain the best results. Available in 1L, 5L, 20L and 25L

Product Information

This solution is non-toxic, completely safe and water soluble.

Uses – To neutralize the effect of any remaining acid on the surface, i.e. cement removers that prevent proper adhesion to the surface of the Gripseal sealant range.

Coverage – 6 – 8 m2 per litre, depending on porosity of surface.


1.        Ensure that the surface is completely free from oil, grease, stains and solvents.  Use Gripseal General Purpose Cleaner if necessary.

2.       Remove residual cement with Gripseal Cement Remover.

Application – Shake bottle well.  Apply an adequate coat on the surface to be sealed with a spray gun, clean brush, sponge roller or sponge.  Rinse off with water and allow to dry.

Clean applicators with water immediately after use.