Gripseal Everwood is a deep penetrating water based oil especially formulated to preserve, protect, seal, nourish and enhance exterior POROUS wooden surfaces.

Gripseal Everwood contains biocides which retard bacterial and fungal growth and its UV protectors ensure maximum sun resistance. Due to its high penetration ability, it ensures excellent filling of the wood pores and capillaries and good transportation of the biocides deep into the wood.


8-10 m2


Per litre per coat,
on Softer Woods

10-12 m2


Per litre per coat,
on Harder Woods


Wooden garage doors, window frames, doors, gates, garden furniture, wendy houses, shutters, decks and picket fences, jungle gyms and any exterior application.

Available Colours

ClearLight OakTeak
Dark OakMahoganyChestnut

Hard woods such as Balau, Saligna, Rhodesian Teak, African Rosewood and other dense woods are typically non porous.

A test piece must be done first to ensure the product is able to penetrate before applying product to the entire area.

Product that is not able to penetrate due to the density of the wood will feel tacky to the touch.

  1. Drop a droplet of water onto the surface and time how long it takes to absorb. If the droplet has been absorbed within 20 – 25 seconds, the surface is suffciently porous as the surface porosity would be 6% or greater.
  2. If the water droplet takes 25-45 seconds to be absorbed, it is recommended that the first coat be diluted with 50% clean water and the second coat undiluted.
  3. If the water droplet does not absorb within 45 seconds, the surface is not sufficiently porous. An acid wash can be done to increase the porosity by applying a mixture of 1 part pool acid to 9 parts water. Pour the mixture onto the surface and leave for 1 hour. Wash the acid off using water, neutralise, wash off again.
  4. Redo the porosity test.


STEP 01:

Ensure wood surfaces are clean, dry and smooth. New Wood: Sand in the direction of the wood grain to a smooth, but still porous, finish.

STEP 02:

Previously coated/oiled wood: Remove old coat by sanding or using a paint stripper. If a paint stripper has been used, ensure that no residue is left. Wood previously treated with Everwood: wipe down with a cloth to remove dust and dirt.

If necessary, rub down with 180 grit sandpaper or steel wool for a smooth finish.

STEP 03:

Use a paint brush, sponge brush, roller or spray gun. For best results apply 3, thin, even coats. Allow 45 minutes between coats and 24 hours to cure completely. Clean applicators with clean tap water directly after application.


Apply a maintenance coat approximately every 12 to 24 months or when wood appears to be faded. The degree of exposure will determine how often a maintenance coat will be needed.

Additional Information

Gripseal Chemicals (Pty) Ltd has no control over the purpose for which its products are used, stored, prepared and applied. No warranty is therefore given as to its suitability, nor is any warranty, express or implied, given for any damage of whatsoever nature, consequential or otherwise, arising out of the use of its products. Method of application, surface cleanliness, conditions of use etc are beyond our control.

Order enough of the product with the same batch number to complete the work. Alternatively mix all the batches together to achieve the same colour throughout.

We do our best to ensure colour consistency in our products, however, pigments are a natural product and do differ from time to time. Test a small piece of your project first to ensure the colour is correct before completing the entire project.

The colour will not dry vastly differently from the way it looks when wet.

Product Specifications

Solids Content:25%
Typical Application:Good Wood Penetration
Properties:Excellent Weatherability
Ease of Application
Easy to Maintain
Zero VOC
Surface Effect:Block Resistant
Dirt or Soil Resistant
Interior Applications
Highlights Wood Grain
No Wood Fibre Swelling
Uses:Open Porous Wood Coating
Surface Film < 10%
Wood Preservatives
Penetrative Sealers
100% Softwood Penetration
Environmental Impact:VOC < 10g/l
Contains Less than 4% driers
No Solvents Added
Natural 100% renewable
oils used.