Gripseal paving paint is suitable for POROUS paving, concrete, common brick, cement brick, plant pots and window sills.

Gripseal Pavecote is a hard, durable, abrasion and UV resistant paint which is based on a road marking paint formulation. The special combination of specific resins have allowed us to create a superior product that performs excellently in our South African conditions while at the same time providing value for money.


6-8 m2


Per litre per coat, depending
on surface porosity.


Brick Patios, Brick Driveways, Clay Bricks, Brick Veneers, Garage Floor, Driveways, Walls, Cement Plant Pots and Cement Pavers.

Available Colours

BlackBrownChoc Brown

Ensure that the surface is free from dust, dirt, grease, oil and or solvents. Check that the surface is sufficiently porous by doing a porosity test.

  1. Drop a droplet of water onto the surface and time how long it takes to absorb. If the droplet has been absorbed within 20 – 25 seconds, the surface is suffciently porous as the surface porosity would be 6% or greater.
  2. If the water droplet takes 25-45 seconds to be absorbed, it is recommended that the first coat be diluted with 50% clean water and the second coat undiluted.
  3. If the water droplet does not absorb within 45 seconds, the surface is not sufficiently porous. An acid wash can be done to increase the porosity by applying a mixture of 1 part pool acid to 9 parts water. Pour the mixture onto the surface and leave for 1 hour. Wash the acid off using water, neutralise, wash off again.
  4. Redo the porosity test.
  5. Ensure all acid residue has been removed, before applying the product.


STEP 01:

New Surfaces

  • A simple porosity test must be done to ensure the surface is porous and water can penetrate.
  • The surface must be clean, dry, and free from dust, oil, grease, and dirt.
  • Remove any fungus or algae
  • Rinse thoroughly with tap water and allow to dry
  • If applying on a concrete screed that has been power coated or finely screeded, an acid wash must be done to ensure the surface is porous:
    • Mix 1 part pool acid with 9 parts water.
    • Apply acid solution to surface.
    • Allow to stand for 1 hour.
    • Neutralise the surface using an ammonia-based product or bicarbonate of soda.
    • Rinse thoroughly with water and allow to dry.

Previously Coated Surfaces

  • Remove all previous water-based paint that is peeling or flaking to create a firm base by using a wire brush to key the surface for subsequent coatings. Ensure the entire surface is porous, and the paint can penetrate.
  • Wash the entire surface with grease remover to remove grease, oil, or any surface contamination.
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry completely.
  • NB – If the surface has previously been coated with epoxy, enamel, stoep paint, or any other oil-based coating, the surface must be stripped back to its bare original state prior to coating, see acid wash.

STEP 02:

  • Stir thoroughly before use.
  • For best results and a smooth, even finish, apply 2 coats.
  • The first coat must be a thin coat and can be diluted with 10% water to ensure penetration into the porous surface. The second coat is undiluted.
  • Recoating time is at least 8 hours depending on humidity and temperature.

STEP 03:

Clean applicators with tap water.

Product Application Notes:

  • Cement screed and brick imprint paving are typically non-porous surfaces. Please ensure your surface is porous enough for a water-based coating by doing an acid wash, refer to Step 1 in the application instructions.
  • No bonding liquid, primer, or undercoat is required. The paint must be able to penetrate the porous surface.
  • Paint rollers or brushes can be used to apply the coating.
  • Do not paint if rain is imminent.
  • Allow a minimum of 24 hours of clear weather to cure before allowing any traffic on the coating.
  • Do not paint on moist or damp surfaces or in temperatures below 13 degrees, on any hot surfaces, or in direct sun.
  • Order enough of the product with the same batch number to complete the work. Alternatively, mix all the batches together to achieve the same color throughout.
  • Tyre marks will still be present, but if the product is applied correctly, the tyre marks will be able to be cleaned. The lighter the paint color, the more the tyre marks will show.
  • The moisture content of the substrate should be less than 5%.
  • Continuous ponding (pooling of water) may lead to paint softening and blistering.
  • Friable and powdery surfaces should not be painted.
  • Method of application, surface cleanliness, conditions of use, etc., are beyond our control.

Additional Information

Gripseal Chemicals (Pty) Ltd has no control over the purpose for which its products are used, stored, prepared and applied. No warranty is therefore given as to its suitability, nor is any warranty, express or implied, given for any damage of whatsoever nature, consequential or otherwise, arising out of the use of its products. Method of application, surface cleanliness, conditions of use etc are beyond our control.

Product Specifications

Composition:Co-Polymer Emulsion Based
Colour:As per Colour Card
Viscosity:90 Ku
Shelf Life:12 Months
Storage Conditions:Normal
Application:Brush, Roller or Spray

(For Spray, Thin with 20% Water
Spread Rate:6 – 8 m2 / Litre

Depending on Surface Texture
No. Coats:Two
Drying Time:Minimum 48 Hours

(1 Week for hot Car Tires)
Overcoating Time:6 Hours
Thinning:Not Recommended

Unless Spraying
Cleaning Solvent:Water
Recommended Systems:A very hard durable, adhesion promoted acrylic emulsion coating for cement and cement brick driveways.
Dry Film Thickness:2 x 30 Microns
Flash Point:Non Flamable

(Refer to M.S.D.S)
Toxicity:See M.S.D.S

New Surface Preparation

Cement (Wood Floated):Etch with 10 – 15% Pool Acid (HCI) Solution until free of efflorescence. Rinse Thoroughly.
Cement Imprint Paving:High Pressure water jet cleaning. Allow to Dry.
Cement Pavers:High Pressure water jet cleaning. Allow to Dry.
Friable Cement::Not Recommended
Steel Floated Cement:Not Recommended
Cement Tiles, Powdery &
Chalky Surfaces:
High Pressure water jet cleaning. Allow to Dry.

Recoating Surface Preparation

Driveways (Good Condition):Clean with a degreaser until dust and oil free. Rinse thoroughly.
Driveways (Poor Condition):Remove existing coating. If sound, treat as new Cement Imprint Paving/Cement pavers.
Cement Pavers (Good Condition):Clean with a degreaser until dust and oil free. Rinse thoroughly.
Cement Pavers (Poor Condition):Remove existing coating and treat as new cement paver.