A Versatile. Sealing and Weather-Proofing Solution.

GripFlex is a water-based, non-toxic, transparent compound designed for versatile sealing and weather-proofing. Its formula cures to form a highly flexible, clear seal suitable for easy painting. Unlike conventional sealants, GripFlex remains flexible without drying out, chipping, or flaking. Compatible with various membranes, it serves as a joint filler with river sand or sawdust and can be tinted for specific color needs. In submerged scenarios like ponds, GripFlex requires a minimum 7-day curing period for optimal water-resistant performance.


8-10 m2


Per litre per coat, depending
on surface porosity.


Pools, Koi Ponds, Ponds, Dams, Roofs, Concrete Slabs, Parapet Walls, Joints, Cracks, Shade Cloth Awnings, Tents, Etc.


Ensure that the surface is free from dust, dirt, grease, oil and or solvents. Check that the surface is sufficiently porous by doing a porosity test.

  1. Drop a droplet of water onto the surface and time how long it takes to absorb. If the droplet has been absorbed within 20 – 25 seconds, the surface is suffciently porous as the surface porosity would be 6% or greater.
  2. If the water droplet takes 25-45 seconds to be absorbed, it is recommended that the first coat be diluted with 50% clean water and the second coat undiluted.
  3. If the water droplet does not absorb within 45 seconds, the surface is not sufficiently porous. An acid wash can be done to increase the porosity by applying a mixture of 1 part pool acid to 9 parts water. Pour the mixture onto the surface and leave for 1 hour. Wash the acid off using water, neutralise, wash off again.
  4. Redo the porosity test.
  5. Ensure all acid residue has been removed, before applying the product.


STEP 01:

Ensure that the surface is free from dust, dirt, grease, oil and or solvents. Check that the surface is sufficiently porous (see porosity test).

STEP 02:

Use brush, sponge, sponge roller or spray gun to apply. Do not apply in direct sunlight. For best results, apply 2 thin, even coats. On surfaces with low porosity apply thin coats. Allow 20 minutes between coats and 12 hours for the sealant to cure completely.

STEP 02:

Clean the GripSeal applicators with clean water directly after application.

Additional Information

Gripseal Chemicals (Pty) Ltd has no control over the purpose for which its products are used, stored, prepared and applied. No warranty is therefore given as to its suitability, nor is any warranty, express or implied, given for any damage of whatsoever nature, consequential or otherwise, arising out of the use of its products. Method of application, surface cleanliness, conditions of use etc are beyond our control.

Product Specifications

Drying Time:One Hour (Surface Dry)
Curing Time:Full curing time is 7 to 10 days

(in optimum, dry weather conditions)
Frost Resistance:Minus 18˚C
Tensile Strength at 20 deg C and 65% RH:7.36 N/MM, 76 KP/CM
Elongation at break at 20 deg C and 65% RH:200% Approx
Shelf Life:Indefinite
Tinting:Gripflex can be tinted on request
Coverage:F2 to 6 m2 per litre

(varies with thickness of application)